Beranda Daerah Duta Muda Dayak And Dayak Traditional Activities

Duta Muda Dayak And Dayak Traditional Activities

Oleh : Plorentina Desi

Duta Muda Dayak And Dayak Traditional Activities

As a leader of DMDK (Duta Muda Dayak Kalimantan) i’m Plorentina Dessy Elma Thyan, I would like to tell about what is DMDK and what the issus common find in the traditional community nowdays where it made DMDK take responsible to keep culture and thier traditional community. Duta Muda Dayak (Dayak Youth Organisation) is an organisation which keeps culture and tradition for Dayaknesse Social Community.

It was created after 1st Dayak International Congress. The member of this organisation is not only Dayaknesse, but also the other tribes who have the same vision. Dayak Youth Organisation is a representative body for Dayak Youth of Sabah, Serawak, Brunei and Kalimantan.

The aims of this organisation are creating a grassroot Network, building togertherness among tribes all over the world, building and strenghthening Dayak Youth Identity, introducing Dayak to the world, and fighting for the traditional community authority. These aims are based on the outcome of the meeting “How to Organize Dayak Youth” on December 2016 in Sabah, Malaysia.

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One of the teritory where the members of Duta Muda Dayak live is in west Borneo. In west Borne there are around 151 Dayak tribes, which are different in languages and customs. The Dayaknesse live in the town together with the other teribes and in the village which is far from the town. Dayaknesse who live in the village called traditonal community. They live in the nature and keep their tradition such as believing in their God “Jubata” and obeying the sign of nature, doing traditional ceremonies, and planting. Most of Dayaknesse are the farmers.

As young generation, we must do the action which have an impact to the traditional community, especially Dayaknesse who live in west borneo. In this globalisation era, the culture is almost forgoten by people because of technology use. It is our obligation as a young generation to keep the culture which is as our identity. The young generation care is the big contribution for the traditional community to keep the culture, fight for and share the knowledge to the traditional community.

The problem relating to human rights and laws in traditional community, especially the problem in field burning is because of the less information that they get. It is the motivation for the members of Duta Muda Dayak in west Kalimantan to do the project named “Seminar and socialiszation on field burning management to the traditional community”.

Dayaknesse in west Borneo, has a tradition activities namely “Ba Muh” and the other name is “Ba Uma”. Ba Muh or Ba Uma is the tradition of planting rice and vegetable. It involves the activities before, during, and after planting. The activites before planting are doing the ritual ceremony like the first “ngesunsur aie”, ngesunsur aie is the ceremony to pull out the plant disease, and then “nyintu Tanah”, there are five to ten people come together with the traditional costume and their sesaji (offering food and flower to spirit) to ask the spirit to do the ritual in order to pray and ask permition from their ancestors spirit, so that the field blessing and can get the more yields from the last year.

One of the Sesaji or the offering food used in the ritual is “Nyintuh Tanah” nyituh tanah is the meat of the pig, and the community believed that if the more size the pig is the good sign the yields would be. After the ritual “Nyintuh Tanah” the next ritual is “manggu Jalai” this ritual is believed to give the sign to the spirit about the area used for the field, moreover, the community will go to the area of the field and called “nenggah ambo”.

In this step the farmers will prepare the stone and firewood which are used to cook and Mandau (Dayaknese Traditional Weapon) that will be used to cut the tree, this ritual is being done in 3 days, then, the activities will continue with drying the field and the tree which has already been cut and it approximately takes a month.

And the last, burning the field. Before burning the field, the community will decide the scope and limitation in order to control the fire thus planting the crop in the field afterwards. After the planting is the time to crop the rice.

But before that there is a ceremony before it called “mokan beliong”. The ceremony is held as an offering of flowers or food to spirit, it is held as a sign to thankful to the ancestors spirit who guide them along they complete burning field. Additionally, the burning field is a Dayak tradition activity that has been done and taught by their ancestors and is being continued by the generation. Unfortunately, one of the steps in this traditon leads to the problem nowadays, which is burning the field.

In burning the field obviously becomes a problem in society and to government themselves, because most of the area is covered by wood and forest, and some activities they must do before burning the field is cutting the trees in the wood first for the area of the field, not forget to mention how large the wood surrounding it, The burning field is done by the most of the traditional community who live in the village, it is the way they survive. And the reason why the field must be burnt because Dayaknesse believed the dust after burned process can fertile the soil for the field where the place to plant the rice and vegetable.

The plants which is cropped from the burning field is permitted and considered as healhty foods from the cemistry fertilizer, because the dust from the burned field is the nature fertilizer for their plant. Most people think that burning the field is one of the cause of forest fires. Therefore the activities is considered should be banned, but for traditional community, they decline the abolished consideration and think that is wrong to ban traditional activity because to do a burning field is based on their tradition hereditary, and it can not be banned from their life.

The traditional community is confused by the information from several sources about burning field like the burning field will be banned and the farmers who burn the field will be arrested by the police. Because of the lack of law education and no socialisation whatsoever by the goverment for this case, the traditional community do not know about what is right to do and just do it like before as make the burning field more than 2 hectare which is a violation with the law which is made by the government for the burning field, regarding the government only limit the farmer to burn the field just about 2 hectare, not more.

Affectively, the communty who do not know and break that rules without no one realise the law, eventually that makes them confused because of the lack of law information by government.

Morning, 21st augustus 2017 in Sanggau regency, West Borneo. One of the traditional community is arrested by the police at his field after being caught burning the field, reported by some villagers by taking the picture as evidence. Just pass four to five hours after the arrested, the news is spreaded in the community. Definitely, the news will be an influential to the traditional community who think that burning field is their necessities of life, as the way they suply their food.

Most of the information that the community got are different which almost all of the information are not cleared becoming a rumour and one of the information that often heard leading to a community awareness and complaint that their burning field tradition will be banned by the government and thus the punishment for the community if they still burn the field.

Because of the uncertain information, the traditional community feel aware and unpeaceful to even burn field afterwards and feel threatened by the punishment that they will get if the government catch them doing it.

Thus, as Dayak Youth generation, we take responsibility to keep our traditional community and long-lasting dayaknese material and non material in the lands as beauty as colorful they are growing, glowing, guarding which are one of our sympatical call of Dayaknese spirituality to everlast our age and our believer. And for this case, need some socialisation to the government concerning the burning field the traditional community who live in the village where difficult to get the information.

The socialisation is demanded in order to inform to the traditional community about what is the right systematic way to do and give clear rules of burning field, to give a encouragement to the traditional community to do their activities without any pressure, to tell tabout the rule of the law the burning field so that the community feel safe about the rule made by the government.

The members of Duta Muda Dayak will work together to help the traditional community especially the Dayaknesse who have a low knowledge to keep follow the knowledgement. If there is no youth generation who care with their culture and their traditional, or the traditional community, all will easy to fraudulented by person in a certain capacity who want to get advantage in the traditional land.

I myself always cry inside, sometimes outside when i see the traditional community in proverty, and the indigenious people that suffer, but there is only hope to get the proper lives. I just give my best fo the traditional, do the small thing than nothing. I hope all of the youth traditional generation can keep their culturen, their tradition, to struggle their community authority and explore it over the world. Because if we are not care about our tradition we will lose our identity, because cuture and traditional activities is our uniqueness, our identity. Do not let the foreign culture distroy our uniqueness.


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